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  • Adult Students


    Anisha is AMAZING! She is extremely personable, professional, genuine, transparent, and supportive. I enjoy each and every session that I have with her and always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived.  She makes me feel comfortable, relaxed, and always gives me the space to express myself freely.  She always speaks life into me and makes me feel as if I can conquer any challenge that I may face.  I love that she does her best in trying to keep me connected to my faith while I am working on myself.  Talking to her feels like I am talking to my best friend.  I truly and highly recommend her to any and everyone.  She is THE BEST!

  • Office Desk


    I have always wanted a therapist who is a Christian and who can help me according to the word of God.  Anisha has been perfect for that.  She is also very personable and has helped me make great progress in a short time.  Thank you Anisha!!

  • Fit Woman

    Carol W

    Anisha is a great listener professional and nonjudgemental.  My husband and I have communicated more in the past 3 months than we have in the past 5years.  I can’t tell you how invaluable Anisha’s coaching and counsel have been for our marriage.  What she has given us is more than just an education.  She started by actively helping us identify what’s working in our relationship and what needed to be changed. We also had individual counseling to help us recognize what it is we’re looking for from our partner. Anisha has given us tools and the confidence we need to make changes. We’re excited to build on this!

  • Couple Holding Hearts

    George & Amelia

    My fiance and I have been taking pre-marital counseling sessions with Anisha for a few weeks now and we have benefited so much more than we expected. Anisha is like an impartial friend that has allowed us to address relationship issues, and also individual matters. I love walking into her meeting space because I know I'm about to be hit with some major revelation(s). The nuanced balance between spirituality and science is a gift that Anisha has down pat. When we reflect on our sessions with her, there's always a sense of gratification. I have seen other therapists before, but Anisha is testimony that not every therapist is the same, and not everyone is suited to this job. She has been blessed with a great gift to speak life into people and to help them realize the truth of their situations. I feel hopeful moving forward that my own battles will be won, because as Anisha says, "when we pray to God for something, we have to be in the right mental and spiritual space where we can receive what we are about to be blessed with." Don't we all want to be in that space? I do!

  • Pregnant

    Danica V.

    I enjoy Anisha’s calm and empathetic demeanor. What I love most is her foundation starts with God and her practices and teachings are based on Christianity and how God wants us to act as individuals and as a married couple. I just love my sessions with Anisha! I am so blessed to have found her. I love that she provides individual sessions and couples sessions which is great for my husband and I. I highly recommend her to all of my friends. She’s kind, funny, and very down to earth. She helps my husband and I to see things from a neutral and subjective perspective. I know her advice and wisdom comes from God and her own experience which makes her that much more of an amazing therapist!

  • Dancer in Blue

    Jaden B.

    In a world where you can be surrounded by people in real life and online but some how still feel pangs of loneliness, Anisha is a burst of fresh air reminding you that you matter and your feelings are valid. I was afraid to commit to seeing a professional because initially I thought it was “silly”. Boy was I mistaken. Anisha helped me realize that mental health is more than feeling sad one day, it was a combination of many years, events and trauma that brought me to where I am. The best part is that she offers a pathway to “get out” of whatever state your in. Anisha is warm, a great listener and non judgmental. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  • Furry Shoes

    Danielle N.

    In the best space I have been in a long time. Thank you for helping me get to this point.

  • Standing Camera


    Anisha is so professional.  She makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel at home to talk about anything & everything.  Definitely will continue to work with her.

  • Sunset Run

    Preston M.

    Working with Anisha has been great! She's introduced methods of communication for my fiancé and I that have done wonders for opening doors of communication.  It feels great to have someone rooting for your relationship and Anisha changes the dynamic!  She's extremely flexible with our busy scheduleds and keeps it as real as you do!  I recommend her for everyone!

  • Nurse Taking Notes

    Donna R.

    Anisha Jenkins is an excellent therapist.  She is very professional and engaging and incorprates a systematic approach to get to the root of your struggles in life.  She is a compassionate listener and her spiritual support is comforting.  Her office has a calming and cozy decor.  Anisha Jenkins is just a pleasure and communication with her is very easy.

  • Group of Female Friends

    Jo R.

    Anisha clearly possesses the gift of listening.  She takes the time to hear, then understand, and finally, to counsel with a heart of compassion.  What a blessing she is.

  • Meditation by the Sea

    Kia C.

    My first time going to see Anisha and I was super happy I did! I will continue to go back because she gave me just what I needed. Not only was she super professional but she listened and gave me the best advice...I am looking forward to my next visit with her!

  • Graffiti of Woman with Glasses


    Every time I leave her office I feel good...I'm glad I took that step to go to therapy.  Glad I found her.

  • Cup of Tea

    Ki W.

    My initial consult was such an eye opening experience. Right away, and before my “wide open, closed eyes” I began to see the layers being pulled back. In sharing certain habits, behaviors and patterns I realized that it takes an experienced professional to help you achieve and maintain optimal mental health. In just one visit I knew I needed and wanted to continue therapy. This was such a comfortable and calming experience. I hope you all achieve the results I am seeing and more

  • A Tower of Stones

    Lisa D.

    Great listener. Always there. Stating words of advise.

  • Romantic Couple Enjoying View

    John M.

    "Thank you so much Anisha! I'm so grateful for what you are doing for us.  I do believe you are sent from God to help us".

  • Church Cross

    Roni J.

    Anisha, was very insightful. Her perspective of my situation was so helpful. The most important thing, were the exercises she advised me to do before my problem arises. So far I’m doing it and it’s working great. She is also helping my 10year old son! I find her so helpful, especially with him. It’s hard to speak to him sometimes. I like Going to her. I would Recommend her services to other people.

  • Grilled Vegetables

    Erika C.

    She makes you feel as though you’re talking to a friend opposed to a stranger about your problems. Her voice is very soothing and her approach makes you want to talk to her forever. I highly recommend her although I don’t really want everyone to find out because then it’s going to be harder for me to get an appointment with her.

  • Faith Development Programs

    Amanda B.

    In my experience she’s responds to my needs/changes with a sense of urgency. She makes me comfortable enough to explore my strengths and weaknesses. She fosters change by presenting tool to assist me achieve my goals. She is what I needed to clear the clutter in my mind. By helping me become a better version of myself, it helped me be a better wife and mother. In short, I’m thankful

  • Meditation by the Sea

    Lisa Marie G.

    Ms. A. Jenkins shows respect and compassion for her patients and she has a beautiful understanding of how the world around us works, which makes her extremely patient and kind, yet very professional. I recommend her to any of my family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Newlyweds

    Ashanti W. 

    Anisha is awesome and understands how to deal with all situations...I would recommend her to everyone.

  • Video Game Controller

    Denis T.

    Ms. Jenkins listens to me and help me find ways to address my issues. She is very easy to talk to. I look forward to continue working with her.

  • Hand by the Sea

    Moises N.

    She heard me.

  • Girl Hiking in Mountains

    Tiffany A.

    I never thought I would go to a therapist. However after being referred I found Anisha to be amazing comforting and professional. Now i realize that self care is a primary need. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

  • Woman in Red

    Tani N.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my therapy experience with Anisha Jenkins. I feel understood and safe and she is extremely relational and non-judgmental.

  • Microphone

    Celene H.

    She was a great listener and made me feel comfortable.

  • Suitcase

    Sicili B.

    Highly recommend. Very easy to talk with and open up.  Gives great advice.

  • Wedding Shoes

    Tadyra R.

    Amazing! I can  definately say it has been one session, but I already feel some hope, her amazing feedback, understanding, and faith is very refreshing. I'm definately looking forward to my next session.

  • Zen

    Ariel R.

    Anisha creates this safe space I've always wanted. It instantly created a connection. She's constantly encouraging me to keep working towards my goals and giving great feedback with helpful self-care assignments. I couldn't ask for a better therapist! I'm always looking forward to my sessions with Anisha.

  • Best Friends Chatting

    Stephanie W.

    Anisha is a great listener, gives helpful advice, and makes me feel very comfortable and safe.  I would recommend her to anyone needing guidance or a friend.

  • Yellow Roses

    Majda F.

    So far so good!

  • Kissing in the Field

    Norbert S.

    She was shown to earth, understanding and non judgemental.  Definitely recommend.

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