Treatment  Services


Do you remember what it was like to make progress in your life or how to be truly happy? Do you feel like your life is on autopilot? If so, it may be time for a change. Individual therapy sessions include a pre-intake assessment that will help determine the individual's specific needs.  With an empathic approach, I will assist you identify meaningful goals.  By doing so, we will establish an appropriate treatment plan together using the most suitable treatment technique.


If you find yourself being defensive, needing to justify your actions or even avoiding having conversations with your spouse, you may be in a very unhealthy relationship. If you are having trouble trusting your partner, years after becoming aware of an extra-marital affair, professional assistance could be what you need. Couples Therapy will include both individual and joint counseling sessions.  The couple will be assessed by completing an online assessment and engaging in a 60 minute face to face introductory session in order to gain insight on the couple's concerns.  We will focus on understanding each other's needs, establishing healthy communication, and reestablishing intimacy and love within the relationship.  Whether it involves financial issues, lack of trust, extra-marital affairs or simply a loss of interest, we will work toward establishing a home of peace and love.



Teen Counseling

During this stage in life, young adults require a special kind of guidance when adjusting to new responsibilities and learning their true identities.  And despite how supportive you try to be as a parent, young people tend to disconnect as a way to cope with their mismanaged feelings. Self expression is difficult as adults and even more complicated for children. When working with this age group, it is imperative to meet them where they are.  Therefore, a treatment plan will only  be implemented after a trusting relationship is established with the client. It is most likely that the young person will only be open to talk if they feel safe and comfortable.  Once the trust is secured, the plan will focus on personal identity,  self-esteem building, peer pressure and healthy relationships.  Common practices used when working with teens include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Anger Managment.